Show in Bulgarian with English surtitles starring Zachary Baharov

„Chamkoria“ - adaptation of Milen Rouskov’s novel

So 17. März 2019
19 Uhr
ab 31,00 € inkl. VRS-Ticket & Gebühren

The star of Bulgarian cinema and theatre, the actor Zachary Baharov, in the theatrical production of "CHAMKORIA", based on the novel with the same name by Milen Ruskov.

ZACHARY BAHAROV steps into the role of Bae Slave, the simple-minded driver who takes us 100 years back in Bulgarian history and customs, to express his point of view about the turmoil of his time. He received his international acclaim from his roles in the internationally successful series "GAME OF THRONES" and the Bulgarian series "UNDERCOVER".

MILEN RUSKOV, author of the well-known novels "Heights" and "Chamkoria" and winner of the European Union Literature Prize, is a famous Bulgarian writer and translator from English.

JAVOR GARDEV is the very talented and successful director of the show, whose productions in Bulgaria and Russia and his theatrical coproductions with France, Netherlands and Germany have left a lasting mark in the development of Bulgarian theatre.

SVETOSLAV KOKALOV is a Bulgarian artist, stage designer and two time winner of the ASKER Awards.

About the play

An ordinary man, by virtue of his profession, becomes deeply entangled in some of the darkest secrets of his day and age. The 1920s in Bulgaria are times during which two major military-political groups are entangled in a bitter struggle: the Military Alliance, the Democratic Union and the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, on the one hand, and the United Front, on the other. Our hero is not an avid supporter of any of these factions, which allows him to remain relatively unbiased. But his dailystruggles and his account of his urban existence reflect the frantic atmosphere of the 1920s. He could continue to live his life without getting himself involved in any troublesome issues, but his nature is such that circumstances lead him slipping gradually deeper into the shadows.


Laureate of the european union prize for literature

Bulgarian writer and translator Milen Ruskov, born in 1966, graduated from Sofia University in 1995. He is one of the laureates of the European Union Prize for Literature in 2014 for his award-winning, best-selling and fully-staged novel Summit (Janet 45, 2011). Ruskov has written three novels: Pocket Encyclopaedia of Mysteries (2004), which was awarded the Bulgarian Prize for Debut, Thrown into Nature (2008), awarded the Bulgarian Novel of the Year Prize, and Summit (2011), which won Golden Century Award of Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, and Hristo G. Danov Award. In 2011, Thrown Into Nature has been published in the U.S. by Open Letter Books with the support of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation.

Produced By Theatre 199, Sofia
Adapted for stage by Javor Gardev and Zachary Baharov
Directed by Javor Gardev Stage and costume design by Svetoslav Kokalov
English Translation by Angela Rodel
Photography by Pavel Chervenkov and Stefan N. Shterev
Graphic Design by Teodora Simova

Veranstalter: Facing The Sun Ltd.